Project Portfolio

TCV provides CEO and CFO services to Cykloburn Technologies. The company is developing a highly efficient biomass to energy technology licensed from Morgan State University. TCV partners formed the company


and have raised close to $600,000 from TEDCO, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources via the MTECH MIPS program, the National Science Foundation and the F3 Accelerator program.  A field test prototype has been developed and tested on a farm with with encouraging results. Further development is pending future funding.  More information is available at the Cykloburn website.

By StormCenter Communications

GeoCollaborate® is a SBIR phase 3 technology developed by Storm Center Communications that allows sharing of Geo-spatial data in real time.  Unlike screen

sharing programs, data is not lost when a briefing session is ended, and map data is continuously updated directly from its source.  TCV has provided CFO and CMO services to Storm Center. Click on GeoCollaborate® for more information about this transformative technology.

HaloCyTech LLC

HaloCyTech is the Morgan State University (MSU) licensee for a unique, fast growing, and robust cyanobacterial (commonly known as algae) strain that thrives in a wide range of salinities and light conditions. These algae can be produced at significantly lower cost than competitors due to the low light requirements and ability to grow in widely available salt and brackish water. This innovation opens new advantages compared to current cyanobacteria-based bio-products. TCV helped HaloCyTech win a TEDCO MII phase 2/3 convertible note and provides CFO and CMO services on an as needed basis.


Skill Builder Sentence Wheel is an MVP developed with a National Science Foundation SBIR phase I grant. This unique grammar practice tool was  designed as a supplemental teaching tool for Adult ESOL classrooms.  TCV provided CEO, CFO and CMO services to Sentence Wheel.

New Projects

The team at TCV provides management services and consulting to select companies that pass a stringent assessment including technology readiness, potential market impact and existing management flexibility. We can team with scientists and engineers to commercialize their research or license IP directly from a government or university lab.  For more information contact a TCV Partner (See Team tab)